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Traveling to Somalia

Is It Dangerous to Travel to Somalia?

The Federal Republic of Somalia, the country is located in the Horn of Africa. In the west, it is having a border attached to Ethiopia and from the north, it borders with the Gulf of Aden. From the east, it attached to the Somali Sea and from the southwest, Kenya touches the country. It is important to note that the country claim border with Djibouti via the disputed territory of Somaliland. This country is having the longest coastline on Africa’s mainland. According to an estimate, the country is having a population of 15 million and it is the most culturally homogenous country located in Africa. Almost 85% of the residents of the country are ethnic Somalis who have historically inhabited the northern part of the country. Whereas the ethnic minorities are residing in the southern regions.

Planning to visit Somalia? For this, you need to get the cheap flights to Mogadishu, Somalia by getting in touch with a professional travel agency. The company will be providing you the affordable rates with great customers. When you are planning your visit to any country, then the first question in your mind is safety!

For those people who are wondering, is it dangerous to travel to Somalia? The following blog is going to answer all your questions. Let’s get started:

Safety and Security

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  • According to the US and UN organizations, they have advised their citizens to avoid traveling to Somalia for any reason. In the past, there have been many bomb attacks, kidnapping, and other criminal activities on the places where there are foreigner or western gatherings.
  • Note that terror attacks happen in Somalia. Some of the prominent targets are the Mogadishu International Airport, Government Buildings and Official, Hotels, Foreigners and Foreigners Interests, Restaurants, and UN workers. It is mostly said not to travel to Somalia and if you are planning to visit the country, then canceling your trip is the right thing to do. If you are already in the country, then leave it as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have to go, then it is recommended to get professional security with you.
  • Without any doubt, the security risk is very high in all parts of Somalia. This includes the area called Somaliland and Puntland. It is best to travel from different routes so that your movement should not be predictable.
  • Somalia is having no active and effective police force. There is no law and order situation across the country. Military attacks, food shortages, and droughts are the problems that have taken the country toward the unstable security conditions.
  • The markets and residential areas located in south-central Somalia have been affected by the grenade attacks and shooting. It is best to avoid going to places that are having large public gatherings and conflicts.
  • The weather condition in Somalia is also not good. Conditions like heat waves, droughts, and floods make this place more dangerous more traveling. Remember that this is country is also prone to Tsunami. In the case of natural disasters, it is best to keep an eye on the local and international media. A person should always follow the local advice.

Health Condition

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  • Malaria is very common across the country. It is advised to take anti-malaria medication. Some other insect-borne diseases include yellow fever, filariasis, dengue, and leishmaniasis. It is good to ensure that your accommodation is insect-proof. Furthermore, a person should use insect repellent and get a vaccination against yellow fever before traveling.
  • Somalia is also having cases of polio. Make sure that your vaccinations are up to date and you should also carry the proof of vaccination.
  • Diseases like waterborne, foodborne, and other infectious diseases include hepatitis, meningococcal disease, and cholera. It is suggested to drink the boiling water and avoid eating raw or undercooked food.
  • Somalia is also having a high rate of HIV/AIDS. Precautions are better and if you are a victim of violent crime, then get the medical help soon.
  • Remember that the medical facilities in Somalia are very limited. If you get injured or ill, then you will need medical evacuation out of the country and this is difficult to be organized and expensive as well.

Local Laws

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  • Courts presents are both operating under Somali and Sharia laws. The areas that are under control of Al-Shabaab, sentences include the death penalty and flogging. In the case of child custody, divorce, child support and get local legal advice.
  • Never carry any illegal drugs. Penalties for drug offenses are very severe and this also includes heavy fines and prison sentences.
  • It is illegal to preach any other religion other than Islam in the Puntland and Somalia.
  • Same-sex relations are illegal in Somalia. According to the Sharia laws, punishment includes death and flogging.


  • Traveling to Somalia? Note that validity and visa conditions can change. There is a chance that your visa might not be recognized in areas where the central government’s authority is challenged.
  • Road traveling is dangerous due to poor security conditions, landmines, crime, and terrorism.
  • The local currency is called the Somali Shilling (SOS). US dollars are widely accepted.
  • Piracy is another serious threat in and around the Somali waters that include the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. It is not recommended to travel in Somali waters. Stay away 1000 nautical miles (1850km) from the coast of the Horn of Africa.


Now you are having an answer to the question, is it dangerous to travel to Somalia? All the aforementioned details tell you all the important information that you should know before traveling to Somalia. Keep all this information in your mind to avoid the problems. It is best not to travel but if you have to, then personal professional security is recommended. Moreover, if you are in search of the cheap flight to Hargeisa, Somalia or Mogadishu in Somalia, then contact a professional travel agency to get the best flight deals. The experts are always available to guide the traveler in the best way possible.

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