Top UK Universities To Consider For Masters Without Giving IELTS

Top UK Universities To Consider For Masters Without Giving IELTS

Going abroad for higher studies is quite prevalent in Asian countries. The student of today is aware of the significance of seeking quality education and knows how to create his path. For this reason, Pakistani students are also seeking study abroad consultants to explore the best educational opportunities for BS and MS programs. To get the desired results, they tend to create their way and look upon top European countries for higher educational programs like MS.

After the USA, the UK is the second-most loved study destination for students. The enormous growth and career opportunities, along with growth prospects in the UK, make the country loveable and desirable for most of the students. However, various reasons keep the students behind pursuing their goals, and an IELTS test is one of them.

Top 3 universities of UK that are offering IELTS-free admission to students

IELTS is the most common admission criteria when applying for universities abroad. It is not only expensive but demands a lot of student’s resources to pass the exam to secure an admission. This is the reason UK aspirants are now searching for
top UK universities without IELTS.

However, the universities listed below are offering feasible admission procedures for students aspiring to pursue an MS degree from the UK without IELTS.

1.   Coventry University UK

Coventry University, which is situated in the beautiful city of Coventry with its London campus just an hour away through train, is offering the best MS programs for graduates.

The university conducts an English placement test for shortlisting candidates. Moreover, the specified check is free of cost and ensures that students don’t miss out on studying in a good-ranked UK institute without spending money on IELTS. Last but not least, the university is eligible for undergraduates who have secured 70 percent marks in their enrollment and intermediate degrees.

2.   Portsmouth University UK

The University of Portsmouth is proudly serving national and international students from all around the world. Their undergraduate and postgraduate programs for students are making a difference by making sure that

The university doesn’t even require an English placement test, and admission can be secured based on the English proficiency letter.

3.     Edinburgh Napier University the UK

Last but not least, Edinburgh Napier University is another noticeable name for offering various research and innovation courses for masters to students in 2020. One can significantly start his new year by applying for Napier University UK in January 2020.

The leverage of not demanding IELTS for admission, along with a smooth admission process in the top-notch university, makes it a desirable study option. With around 100 industry-relevant courses and flexible study options, Napier provides the best career growth to let students grow in a new direction.

Want to save your IELTS fee and study in the UK?

Giving IELTS for applying abroad is the most crucial task even difficult than securing admission in a foreign university. Students not only tend to spend a lot of money on IELTS preparation but also invest their valuable time and resources in preparing for IELTS along with the uncertainty of admission status.

However, these UK universities have eased a lot for aspirants of the Master’s degree program. Thus, by consulting the best study abroad, consultant in Islamabad for studying in the UK without IELTS can be the ultimate solution to your search.

The expertise of consultants can definitely assist you in making a better educational and future decision for yourself and further providing you ease with documents and finances.

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