Safely Maintain Coloured Contact Lenses

The Right Way To Safely Maintain Your Coloured Contact Lenses

Having a pair of coloured eye contacts has its own perks. You can easily show off and enhance your appearance as you wish, it really gives you an edge on others if you are serious about the fashion trends. They are down right one of the best fashion accessories we have ever gotten.

But still, keeping a pair of coloured contact lenses doesn’t mean that your life is all flashy and beautiful. These devices accompany the task of maintaining them properly, as in cleaning it and storing it safely in a storage case.

If you are wondering that you are just going to use coloured contact lenses and it wont require any maintenance, then you are sadly mistaken. In order to ensure healthy and safe usage of coloured contact lenses, you must take proper care of your coloured eye contacts.

So why not discuss how we can take care of them properly.

The Process

  1. Before Wearing the Lens

The maintenance starts even before you have worn them, this means that you have ensure that the coloured contact lenses that you are going to wear are properly cleaned and ready to be inserted in your eyes:

  • In order to maintain the cleanliness of your lenses you have to first clean your hands so that you won’t infect the lenses with any foreign particles.
  • Once your hands are clean and dried, you have to clean the lenses before you can wear them. So start by placing them on your palm
  • With that done, all you have to do is put some disinfectant solution on your lenses and clean them properly.
  1. Wearing The Lens

Another health rule is to insert the coloured contact lenses safely in your eyes. You should know that coloured contact lenses are not simple to insert if you are relatively new to using them or use them sporadically. Below is the process to insert them safely.

  • In the last process you have already cleaned your lenses so that means you have to start by placing the lens cup side up on your thumb and index finger
  • Now hold up the upper eyelid and hold down the lower eye lid so that your eye has been enlarged
  • Then put the contact lens in your eye and blink so that the lens settles in perfectly. Repeat this with the second eye too.
  1. Removing The Lens

Once you are done using your coloured contact lenses you would need to take care of them properly even then. Of course if they are daily disposable, you can just discard them but if they are weekly disposable then you have to clean them and store them safely. That said, you would have to remove them from the eyes safely before you clean them

  • The same thing has to be done. You would need to hold the upper and lower eyelid so that you can use your finger to bring out the lens.
  • Now use the finger to drag the lens away from the iris and now use the thumb to very delicately squeeze the lens so that it comes of the eye surface.
  • Just grab it and take it of now.

How To Clean Your Coloured Contact Lenses

Like mentioned earlier, there are different types of coloured lenses such as the daily disposable and weekly disposable. Alongside them you also have the extended coloured lenses. With these different types, the maintenance would differ. For example the daily disposable lenses do not require any cleaning after use unlike the weekly disposable and extended lenses. Why is that?

The daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be used only once a day. So that means you can only use them once and then throw them away. Every day you are going to use a fresh new pair that is perfectly healthy and safe. Then with the weekly disposable and extended lenses the process would require proper cleaning once you have taken them off.

This is the proper process of cleaning your coloured contact lenses once you are done using them.

  • Before anything, make sure to clean your hands with soap and warm water. Once that is done you should dry them with a lint free cloth.
  • Then take off your lenses and then place them on your palm. Use the disinfectant solution, pour it on the lenses and clean it by rubbing with your finger. Once that is doen you have store them safely
  • That you can do in the storage case that came with your coloured contact lenses.
  • If the solution has expired, buy a new one.

With your weekly disposable coloured contact lenses you are required to take them off after use and you cannot sleep with them unlike the extended lenses. Extended lenses can be worn even while sleeping. So you can wear them for a week without cleaning them but it is better to clean them after every few days.

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