Ningbo, renowned as one of the oldest cities of China is a prominent port, the economic and industrial center of Zhejiang province. With a history of over 7000 years, ruled by different dynasties, the city has deep cultural roots that nourished the growth of a modern, sophisticated area over time.  This exceptional evolution of the city makes it a home for many historic landmarks as well as chic wonders of the present age, thus luring tourists across the world with multiple tourist attractions. If you set out on a tour to Ningbo with the perception that it is a historic tourist place, you will realize that your preconception is only a part of the truth, after your spectacular visit to the famous tourist attractions of the city.


Popular airlines provide services to Ningbo-Lishe International Airport (NGB), which is well-connected to domestic and international airports. You can find cheap flights from the USA to China on IEagle. Shuttle buses available near the airport will take to the city. Being a well-known city, many local buses and trains from Ningbo South Railway Station can effortlessly get you to the city. You need to wear headphones in an airplane.

We have listed here, five top tourist places in Ningbo that give a glimpse of the city’s profound past, alongside acquainting you with its modern aura.

  1. Baoguo Temple – Buddhist shrine:

Ningbo, a place of predominant importance in the history of China, has a strong Buddhist base reflected in the sculptures and architecture of the historic temples and monasteries like Baoguo Buddhist Temple, Tianfeng Pagoda, Ashoka Temple, Xuedou Temple. Originally called Huizong Hall when built during the Ming Dynasty, Baoguo Buddhist Temple, one of the few sustaining old wooden constructions and the largest temple located at the foot of scenic Mount Emei, form an entrance to the mountain and is the core of the Buddhist activities. The five halls of the temple are - the Gate, the Maitreya Hall, the Mahavira Hall, the Seven Buddhist Hall and the Samantabhadra Hall safeguarding historically valued Buddhist scriptures, detailed paintings, works of calligraphy and artifacts. The tranquil moment of sunrise and sunset at the temple against the backdrop of Emei Mountain is worth beholding. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Ningbo.

  1. Tianyi Square - A stop to shop and relax:

Introduce yourself to the biggest, busiest and fashionable one-stop shopping center on Ningbo's Zhongshan Road in the Haishu District - Tianyi Square! Encircled by 22 buildings constructed in European style, this multi-functional square is a group of 10 sectors - supermarket area, retail area, electronics area, souvenir area, clothing area, hotel area, entertainment area, restaurant area, children’s area and mixed area. The changing shapes of the large musical fountain in the center stand out as the highlight of this tourist attraction in Ningbo. Do not miss to check out the night view of Tianyi Square decked in neon lights, which cast a magical flash on the pools and fountains. The massive water-screen near the fountain and the Gothic Church has grown fonder for visitors to this square.

  1. Tengtou Village - Unique Eco-tourist attraction:

Wishing to go back in time and experience the primitive rustic life? Though we cannot help turning back the clock, we would suggest visiting Tengtou Village, the most sought-after tourist attraction, 27 kilometers away from Ningbo City between Fenghua and Xikou. You would understand the true essence of harmony between humans and the environment after your stopover here. The villagers lead a simple life practicing agriculture in eco-friendly ways, with the motto of ‘not harming the environment’ in whatever they do, thus featuring in the United Nations list of "Global Ecological Habitats 500". The exquisite places of this natural village are Thousand Fishes Park, Fountain Square, Miniascape Garden, Pigeon Square, the General Woods, and the Breeding Base, etc. You would also love to indulge in activities like forking fish, grinding grains, preparing rice cakes and then relish the taste of the food along with the locals!

  1. Wulong Pond - Five Dragon Pond:

If you are on a holiday to Ningbo in autumn, do not miss out on the best tourist attraction of the season - Wulong Pond in Gushan Village of Yinzhou District. It is a grand, beautiful pond into which five waterfalls cascade down the green mountains. Each waterfall of different sizes has a colored dragon theme and hence this pond is also called ‘Five Dragon Pond’. The legend of this dragon pool is as enthralling as the place! Adding to this dragon theme is a fabulous monument of a dragon carved out of green malachite stone. You could go hiking, take a halt atthe temples and pagodas along the way or chill out by swimming in the pond (Yes! Swimming in this pond is allowed). Explore the ancient caves or calm yourself enjoying the scenery at parks, gardens, pavilions and try different varieties at restaurants and barbeque spots!

  1. Ningbo Museum or Yinzhou Museum:

Interested to know the history of the old state of Ningbo, where Hemudu civilization originated? Look around the Ningbo Museum situated in Yinzhou District - the must-visit tourist attraction in Ningbo signifying its history and culture. Designed by Wang Shu, the first person from China to secure the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2012, Ningbo Museum is the awardee of the Lu Ban Prize in 2009, the top architecture prize in China. The three-story museum with the skewed sides is mostly constructed out of the debris of demolished towns and villages around. The impressive exhibits of the museum include Ningbo History Gallery – alluding to the transformation of Ningbo from the Hemudu culture until the Republic of China; Ningbo Custom/ Regional Gallery – displaying the cultural heritage of the city; and Bamboo Art Gallery – showcasing bamboo artifacts of Ming and Qing dynasties.

Bon, voyage! Get the most out of your tour and have entertaining, informative and refreshing sightseeing in Ningbo!!

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