Types Of Mobile App Development

2 Major Types Of Mobile App Development Tools

The world in technologically evolving every day and so are the businesses. As we know change is life, and everything changes overtime, things get better and advanced. People love the convenience of doing anything and businesses are starting to realize this by attuning to their customer’s needs to grab and attract more audience and new opportunities for their own growth and gain. The demand for easy mobile accessibility options for the information regarding your company is just another opportunity to expand the business.

According to some researches, 75% of organizations and people will have adopted any one mobile app development platform to escalate their business with the help of digital business transformation strategy. Therefore, with increase in the use of devices like wearables, smart watches, tablets, iPads and mainly mobile phones, companies, service providers and organizations have started App development Texas for mobiles and other devices for their customers to access any information related to the product, service or company with ease and comfort.

To accomplish this applications development tasks they use Mobile App Development Tools!

App developmenttools are software that are designed to help in the mobile app creation. There are multiple ways to perform this task. For example, we have:

  1. Cross-platform mobile app development tools
  2. Native mobile app development tools

Here is what each type mean and how it works:

Native Mobile App development tools

Native mobile app development means developing an application for a particular mobile Operating System. While users can access and download these apps from the dedicated app stores (like; App Store or Google Play Store) of the particular type.

However, while programming for different platforms the language of programming also differs. If you design an application for iOS, it will have Objective-c or Swift as the programming language or coding language. Moreover, while creating the same version for android the app would need languages like Kotlin or Java.

When it comes to app development, both Apple and Google provide the app developers with their own app development tools, SDK (Software Development Kit) and interface elements of any software.

Some Examples Of Native Mobile App Development Tools Are:

  1. Fastlane: it is used to automate tasks, by setting up a list of actions and anyone can run the tasks directly from the console.
  2. Screenhero:it help to share screen with another person and allows you to work with two cursors and keyboards.
  3. Zeplin: Useful for designers and developers. Helps in sharing the designs with other designers and allows the designers to explore online as well and find different fonts, colors, designs and sizes.
  4. CocoaPods:iOS projects use this tool for fetching external dependencies and indexing them in their work.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross-platform mobile app development tools also known as hybrid mobile app development tools.
This type of app development refers to the Application that is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems.

In this type of development, the language for coding and programming is completely different; the developers first write the core codes of the application in HTML5 or JavaScript and then they put a native device wrapper around it. This somehow makes the device compatible for different devices.

Building different applications for different platforms was easier and less time consuming. However, today with the help of tools and technology it is now easier for the developers to create cross-platform apps as well.

Here is a list of cross-platform hybrid mobile application development tools:

  1. Mobile Angular UI: It is a free mobile app development tools. Allows you to work with HTML5, Bootstrap and Angular JS. Provides switches. Overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, positioned bottom and top navigation bars.
  2. Xamarin: It is a Microsoft owned Software Company. You can develop iOS, Windows and Android apps with C#. It allows developers to share code on multiple platforms. It also has a cloud service that allows the developers to test it on multiple devices. It has a per month cost.
  3. Xojo: it is an app development tool for multiple Operating systems. It also allows you to create native apps and provides its cloud for secure and maintenance free web application hosting and is easy to use.
  4. BuildFire:it is among one of the few high performance app builders that supports iOS and android phones along with the tablets. It has pre-built functionality that shortens the launch time in form of, more than 45 plugins, pre-existing templates to build your app from, and direct integrations to Smooch and Segment.

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