A simple guide to develop an app like GoJek

How to develop an app like GoJek

Every service available till date is being provided as an on-demand service to the customers at their doorsteps. With the evolving technology, these on-demand services are also scaling up quickly. How would the customer and the owner of the service feel if multiple services come under a single roof? The customer will not have to download an app for each of the on-demand services they need.

The storage space will increase when multiple apps are replaced with a single one. The owner will find it easy to manage all the services efficiently. A separate landing page will be available for each of the services. GoJek is one such multi-service app that helps the users and administrators effectively. But, since it will take a lot of effort and time to build an app like GoJek from scratch, the entrepreneurs who were planning to launch multiple on-demand services went with the GoJek Clone app.

GoJek clone and its stepping stones to success:

GoJek was successful because of a few factors they considered before developing an app. These aspects helped the app sustain in the market for a long time.

White-labeled products:

A few companies in the market provide a completely whitelabeled app to its clients. The name of the app development company will not be displayed anywhere in the app. This will help the service providers to offer their  services under their own brand name.

Complete privacy:

There are also a few other firms that ensure the customers that their name and the app’s name will not be divulged in the app development company’s portfolio. This will avoid the competitors going to the same company for developing an app.

Multi-lingual and currency apps:

Some developers even provide apps in different languages and employ payment via multiple currencies. This facility will help the customers around the globe, have a good user experience.

Attractive website:

In addition, development companies also provide a web panel for their clients. This will increase the online presence of the service provider. Some of the companies do not charge for developing the web panel. .

Launching the app on multiple platforms:

The app developed for the on-demand services should be launched on both Android and iOS platforms. This will help the service provider obtain customers from both platforms.

These are a few attributes due to which many entrepreneurs prefer clone apps over an app developed from the initial stage.

How does a GoJek clone work?

Though multiple services are included in the app, the flow of the app is very simple. With a few steps, the user can place a request for any on-demand service required. The servicemen can also accept the request and manage them easily. The administrator will find it easy to monitor the process and keep track of the business. The GoJek Clone Script is included in the app, and it is the main reason behind the easy navigation of the app. The flow of the app is as follows:

  • Registration: The user or the servicemen can register with the app using their phone number, email ID, or social media accounts.
  • Category: The next step is to choose the type or category of service required.
  • Location: Specify the address in the respective field
  • Confirmation: After entering the required details, the user should confirm the request.
  • Payment: Once the service is over, you can pay using your debit/credit cards, UPI IDs, net banking, and more.

Vital features to be available in the GoJek app:

However, there are a handful of attributes that should be present compulsorily in the app. They are:

Multiple panels based on role:

The app should have a separate login panel for the user, administrator, and the servicemen. Make sure that the options available in the panels also differ.


The live location of the servicemen should be available to the customer. The servicemen or delivery executive should have access to the location and contact information of the customer. This will help the customer know the arrival time of the delivery executive.


When the customer searches for a product or a service, they should be able to find it easily. Employ search filters based on the search pattern of the customer.


Provide offers regularly to the customers to make them prefer your app over the others. Offer membership packages to regular customers at a discounted price.

Review and ratings:

Have a separate section for the reviews and ratings of the customers. They will rate the servicemen based on parameters like quality of service, time taken to complete the service, their attitude, and more.

To conclude:

If you are searching for an app development firm that will provide an app with the above-mentioned features, then visit the UberEatsLikeApp website. They offer high-quality apps at affordable rates. Their team of developers provide a review session once they develop the app and make any changes before launching it on multiple platforms. Contact them to develop a clone app today.

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