Hidden facts about ED and its treatment

3 hidden facts about your ED – you must know for treatment

Each and every sexual contamination does have some or other hidden facts in it. In fact, this is the nature of the sexual disorders. And to be more prompt, since it is a sexual disorder, some of the facts remain hidden. In the case of ED also this is not an exception. However, the case of ED is even more critical as the hidden facts of the ailment are not the secondary things, but the primary things that are deeply related to the ailment remain hidden in the case and the myths are the responsible facts behind all these.

It is because of the three major myths that the core reason for the ailment, the core effects of the ailment and the core treatment of the ailment remain hidden and that is one of the top reasons though for the non-treatment of the patients, suffering from the same. So, here are the three facts that will help you a lot n the treatment of the same, where Cenforce 100 online at cheap price acts as the best med.

The core reason for ED

ED is the ailment where the penis of yours is not erected. If it gets erected though, you will not find the retention of the erection by any means. The fact that underlies here is the heart’s pumping of more blood to the penile duct. More the pumping of the heart and more the timing of the heart pumping, and more will be the erection and better will be the erection too. Thus, there is no hormonal discharge or other things that usually sexual disease has and that makes the sexual contaminations. Rather, the anomaly here is with the heart functioning.

The other two chances of an anomaly here are related to the nervous system of yours and also the vein functions. The veins of the penis can be in a poor state and hence it cannot be in a condition where the excess blood from the heart will be carried to the penile duct. The Cenforce 100 online at a cheap price is the best med here that will be increasing the blood force and that will be washing out the blockages at the veins to fetch erection for you. The nervous system makes the heart aware of the fact that it will have to beat more times and for long hours to give the erection. If you are having ED, then that essentially means that your nervous system is not indicating the same to the heart and that also has to be treated.

Core effect of ED

The first effect of the Erectile Dysfunction will be on the penile veins of yours and as a result of that, they will not be in a state of carrying the excess blood to the duct of the penis. The reason here can be the excess glucose, or fat or the nicotine level increase or even the increase of the sulfate level but the effect of the same will be on the hardness of the erection and that’s it.

The heart of yours is the next agent of your ED and it is the heart’s rigorous and vigorous pumping that fills the duct of yours and that exercises more erection timing. Hence, if the heart pumping is confined to limited hours, then the direct result of the same will be in the form of non-stability of the erection and you will be suffering the ED as a result of that. Hence, the next effect of the ED is that you will not be in a state to complete the intercourse process.

Core treatment of ED

The next and the last thing that is to be considered in the treatment of the ailment. The Cenforce 100 online at a cheap price is the best way to treat ED and the process it works makes the most interesting thing for you to understand. The drug will be initially working on the nerves and will be ensuring that the heart of yours gets a continuous order for 4 to 5 hours for pumping the excess blood to the duct. As the Buy Fildena 100 online at cheap price works there, you will find that the heart will be pumping for more hours and not only that, it will be pumping more blood too.

As a result of that, the veins of the penis will be receiving ore blood and that will be exerting pressure on them at such a level that the blockages that were there on the veins will be flown away and hence your duct will be filled with blood. Hence, you will now have a harder erection and that will last for 4-5 hours at a stretch. This is the work that the drugs will be doing for you and hence have them and get well soon. Your ED treatment is just in your hands as you can get all the drugs right from the online stores.

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