Guide to increase the content’s E-A-T

Beginner’s guide to increase the content’s E-A-T

SEO is an ever expanding, developing and ever changing technology. It never remains the same. By the time you are fully skilled for the current algorithms the SEO would have already made its next algorithm to take over and replace the last one.

SEO is a way to instruct google that a web site or page has the particular topic that the user has searched. (PR) PageRank is the algorithm used by the Google to make the web pages rank in the required search engine result. The algorithm works by counting the number and checking the quality of the links, linked to a page to determine and accumulate how important the website may be.

Many big companies manage to figure out how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand that they would have recently introduced in the market. They do this to create a unique and incomparable identity for themselves and to appear on the top of the google results. However, that is not the solution for the companies of all sizes and every company needs the tricks, techniques and strategies of marketing according to their own size, budget and the existing identity.

SEO after the Google’s 2018 update has expanded far beyond its own technical aspects. However, it did not take long for the experts to realize that this update also known as Medic update was all about E-A-T.

E-A-T is the major aspect of Search Engine Optimization and it will continue to more important in the coming time. Here we have explained all about E-A-T term, and how a beginner can increase his or her content’s E-A-T:

E-A-T And Its Importance

Google also updated the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines when it changed the algorithm in the recent update. The new guidelines now mostly talk about the E-A-T.

By E-A-T the google is only asking the following things about your content.


Stands for Expertise.

Does the creator have the field related knowledge and skills?


Stands for Authority.

Is it the right place to ask for any advice? Is it the best or even right place to find the particular information on the internet?


Stands for Trustworthiness.

Does it provide reliable, honest unbiased and verifiable information or advice?

If your content scores well and is up to the mark of the quality checker, it is possible that your content will appear or rank higher in the search results. It helps in getting better rankings and getting most of the organic traffic to the website.
Whereas the lower standard content that seems unreliable or provided by the underqualified authors gets bounced in the search results.

1- You can do these things to improvise your E-A-T

2- Optimize for search intent to prove that you fully understand your customer’s need.

3- Improve the quality of your content by;

• Creating long-form (comprehensive) content.
• Providing general value to the users by engaging with them through different tactics.
• Backup your claims with solid evidence.
• Use descriptive headlines as it gives the first impression of the content to the readers.
• At last, make it look good by organizing and optimizing it properly for different platforms.

4- Display credentials to send trust signals to both the users and google to show the contributors of your site’s content.

Expand authority of your site across the web by using guest posting of authors on the leading sites, to improve the visibility of site’s link and authors.

To conclude, by using the above-mentioned tips, your E-A-T score will help you increase the overall ranking of your website and content and maximize the number of your appearances in the google search results.

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