Latest Development In Pharmacy: Compound Pharmacy

Latest Development In Pharmacy: Compound Pharmacy

The field of pharmacy has seen a lot of changes in the previous decades. The salts used to form medicines have become very wide. The forms of consuming medicine such as liquid, solids, etc have increased. Because of so many changes taking place, a lot of pharmaceutical companies have entered this field of medicine. The variety of medicines available to treat a particular disease are many, because of which:

  • The cost of medicines has reduced to a great extent.
  • The quality of medicine has improved.
  • The time to cure a disease has decreased.
  • The availability of medicine for patients has become convenient by the establishment of so many chemist shops.

The latest development in the field of Pharmacy is Compound Pharmacy. Compounding Pharmacy means the development of medicines according to the unique needs of patients. This is the most recent and the most innovative development when we talk about pharmacy. It took many years for the pharmacists and doctors to establish a process for the manufacturing of customised medicines.

Latest Development In Pharmacy Compound Pharmacy-vitaform coaching.

The concept of Compounding Pharmacy was introduced because sometimes even the best of medicines fail to cure a patient’s diseases. This could happen because of some kind of deficiency in the patient or the inability of the patient’s body to react to certain medications. Some people are allergic to certain salts because of which not all the medicines can be given to the patients. Also, there are times when a person is facing various kinds of health problems at the same time. It is not possible to cure such diseases with some general combinations of medicines. In order to cure such patients they need special combinations of drugs which can be developed with compound pharmacy. Because of these limitations faced by traditional pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy has seen such a rise in popularity.

Today, the pharmaceutical companies have immensely talented doctors who according to the needs of patients develop personalised medications to cure various diseases. In order to successfully develop personalised medications various tools are needed. Compounding Pharmacy is an intense process as it requires a good amount of knowledge about the medical history of the patient for whom the medicine is being developed. Initially, this process can take some time but once the pharmacists have developed the medications according to the unique needs of the patients then this process becomes less time consuming.

The benefits of Compound Pharmacy are immense:

  • Medicines formed by this process show visible results in a shorter time span.
  • If a patient is allergic to certain medicines then he can be cured by developing medicine using this technique.
  • It is not a very costly process.
  • All the unique needs of patients are kept in consideration during the development of medicines.

Talking about the difference between general pharmacy and compound pharmacy we can say that:

  • General pharmacy cures normal health issues, whereas compound pharmacy cures even the serious health problems.
  • General pharmacy develops medicines keeping in mind the symptoms of diseases, but compound pharmacy develops medicines keeping in consideration the needs of the patients.
  • General pharmacy does not have the personalisation effect which is present in compound pharmacy.

We are not saying that pharmaceutical companies are unable to cure patients. It is just that the patients who cannot be cured by traditional method of developing medicines can be treated by the help of Compounding Pharmacy.

The popularity of Compound Pharmacy is rising slowly and steadily. People are becoming aware about the advantages of this innovative process and even the doctors are coming in support of this method of forming medicines. Compounding Pharmacy is in the starting phase of its journey of curing patients but will soon become a very popular way of treating diseases. In less than a decade this would be the most effective and commonly used method of curing various health issues because of its unique idea of treating patients according to their personal needs.

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