Car rentals, things you should know

101 car rentals, things you should know

The insurance benefits offered by credit card companies differ by both the company and the bank issuing the card and the level of the credit card used. For example, a platinum card can offer more coverage than a gold card. To find out exactly what type of insurance you have, call the 800 number on the back of the card you will use to rent the car. If you depend on a credit card for insurance protection, ask the card company or bank to send your coverage information in writing. In most cases, credit card benefits are secondary to the protection of your personal insurance or insurance offered by the car rental company. If you have more than one credit card, consider calling each one to see which one offers the best insurance protection services and travel assistance.

At the car rental desk

Since insurance is regulated by the state, the cost and coverage vary from state to state. However, consumers can generally choose between the following coverages:

Collision damage waiver

It is sometimes called a loss-for-loss exemption, technically it is not an insurance product. However, collision damage exemptions alleviate or "waive" tenants from financial liability if the rental car is damaged or stolen. In most cases, the exemptions also provide coverage for "loss of use" in the event that the car rental company charges the renter for the time that a damaged car cannot be used because it is being repaired.

However, exemptions can be canceled if the accident was caused by speeding, driving on unpaved roads or driving while intoxicated. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, you may not need this additional protection, which usually costs between $ 9 and $ 19 a day.

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Liability insurance

Provides liability protection of up to $ 1 million. The law requires rental companies to provide civil liability insurance required by the state. In general, these values ​​are low and do not offer much protection. If you are adequately insured in your own car, consider giving up this additional liability protection. If you feel more comfortable with this supplemental insurance, it will cost between $ 7 and $ 14 a day. However, a general liability policy can be more profitable. This provides an additional $ 1 million worth of accident liability protection when driving your own car or one you rent. General liability costs If you do not own a car and are a frequent tenant, consider buying a non-owner civil liability policy. This not only provides protection against liability when you rent a car but also when you borrow another person's car.

If you plan to rent a car outside the United States, find out what the insurance requirements are in the country you will visit and purchase the necessary coverage. Talk to your travel agent and the insurance agent or company representative before you get there and present proof of insurance coverage in the US. UU, If applicable.

The states have minimum age requirements to rent a car and some car rental companies now investigate their driving record and/or credit history; check with the car rental company before taking the car.

Be smart when booking a rental car, not all companies are transparent. Trust me, I know. I tried almost all of them Jaipur sightseeing taxi.

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