4 Effective Tips For Designing Posters

4 Effective Designing Tips to Create Posters for a Science Conference

In scientific conferences and workshops, posters have always been used to communicate information. Their availability in various styles makes them great for showcasing findings and facts. So posters are opted to convey data and information. And in this blog, we shall be talking about how designing posters can be used to showcase scientific findings, or to speak more properly, how you can design a poster for such a purpose.

Poster printing nowadays has spread its wing wider than ever as far as using them for science conferences and workshops are concerned. They are available in custom sizes, large format, and can even be mounted. The colors that are used in them are also of high-quality inks which make them perfect for scientific conferences that have people who are keen to look into them with interest.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind while designing a scientific poster:


    1. In science conferences and workshops, people are always keen to look at something new and interesting. Moreover, there will also be scientists and researchers who would want more visible proof of your research.

A poster that is only filled with words without a single figure will lose the interest of the viewers;which is why it is always suggested to have a clear high-resolution image or images to prove your points better.

    A core figure will not only tie your whole content together but will help to grab the attention of a visitor.

Numerous agencies of custom poster printing allow you to upload your own artwork along with lamination options like 3mil gloss and 3 mils matte. Opting for these will make your scientific poster stand out.

2.Minimum Text:  

While designing posters for scientific printing, it is very important to keep text to a minimum. And as far as a scientific explanation is concerned, make sure to avoid acronyms and jargon as much as you can. Clear, spaced and reader-friendly font should be used. Easy to read size of the font should be used. Various board types are available like large format, bulk, poster boards, and others. There are many proofing options too based on the type of poster you choose.


    Based on the figure and text, the layout or size of your poster should be decided. The reader should be able to follow the flow of information that you have provided. He or she should be able to find your key messages or findings or facts that you have mentioned with as little effort as possible.

Numerous large poster printing companies such as online printing services providers allow you to give custom sizes of up to 160”x50” to your posters. They also provide adhesive vinyl posters that you will be able to stick on any surface. Make sure that you have a poster that does not appear as if its figures and text have been forced into it with hardly any space left to breathe.


Color plays a very important role in poster printing for a science conference.  Scientific researches require the figures in them to be true to their color to the last bit. In text not more than 4 colors, excluding black and white, should be used. More than this may ruin the overall professional look. Numerous affordable printing services providers use eco-friendly inks e.g. soy- and vegetable-based inks instead of metallic inks. This brings down the overall printing cost considerably.

There are many such high agencies of high-quality online poster printing services in California. They provide fast turnarounds and low minimums on their posters. These points will allow you to give yourself perfect scientific posters for various scientific conferences and workshops.

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